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Nama Choob Shomal Co. at a Glance

Nama Choob Shomal Co. has started its activities as a first company in Iran  in producing melamine MDF (size 122x244 cm) in 2005 and after that has been producing melamine particleboard (chipboard) (size 125x250cm) with Momtaz Golestan company's raw particleboard.

     The management of the company trusts in God and believes this persistent sentence "willpower enables", and by the support of his professional and efficient staff, he takes steps to enhance and promote the wood industry and related industries.

Meanwhile, considering to the useful and constructive recommendations and guidance of those who are involved in supply chain, production and consumption, we are able to produce and supply successfully new products to markets of Iran and regions including High Gloss PVC and mirror surface (with the exclusive name of Simab) and come out proud in customers' confidence test.

    Diligent staffs of Nama Choob Shomal Co. follow three principles in their activities and always are responsible and committed to do these activities right:

  1. Produce and supply the products with the best quality
  2. Reasonable prices for the final products
  3. Delivery of the products to customers in time


 Senior Managers of Nama Choob Shomal Co.


Managing Director and Chairman: Mr. Seyed Hassan Mohammadi

Sales Manager: Mr. S. Mansouri Vosta

Quality Control Manager: Mr. A. Hasan Nezhad

Financial Director: Mr. Reza Nasri

Commercial Manager: Ms. Hosseini